Welcome, my Adam
Show me your world
About Eve.id
Have you ever envisioned such a world?
A world that can be immersed in.
A world that can be sanctified.
A world that has never been defined?
About Eve.id
This is a project that has never been conceived before.
Based on the mode of epoch-making blockchain technology and game+defi, each participant can decide and promote this project jointly ! Join us and create the new world now!
Bringing up NTFs agents in various worlds
We can be more powerful by investment, meanwhile we can also get more adherents
We can be powerful enough to change the rules of this world
We can benefit from it
Self-governance by the creator from the very beginning of the construction of the world
From operating rules of the world to centralized distribution of benefits
That's all up to you
Various NFTs will become your agents
Lucio Peiper level designer
Trena Tsuda artist leader
Dinorah Lohre project manager
Russel Papai UI Designer
Alison Derosa Data Engineer
Taylor Modrak Concept Artist
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